gardening inspiration into roses

Current fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
Primary pairing: Greece/Japan
Secondary pairing(s): America/England, Austria/Hungary, Germany/Italy, Spain/Romano, Sweden/Finland, and too many more to list.

My username is inspired by Beauty and the Beast, my favorite fairy tale. In real life, I am neither a Beauty or a Beast or even a woman made out of rose petals but an ordinary human who has a love of stories and creative writing.

Don't expect all of my writing to be as poetic or dreamlike as my username may imply, however, as I'm also a huge yaoi fangirl who likes trying her hand at smut. Most of my favorite pairings are male/male ones, although there are also quite a number of male/female pairings I love too.

My muse tends to be like a capricious butterfly that flits from idea to idea, never stopping long enough at one for me to capture the entirety of its rich scent - or, to put it simply, writer's block has an annoying habit of beating me around the head whenever I try to get a writing project done. I hope to be able to overcome this with practice and persistence.